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Environmental Responsibility

Not just preserving our environment, but improving it is paramount in the way Inland Asphalt performs  business.  We are continually looking for projects, processes and products that improve our environmental stewardship.  At Inland Asphalt we:

  • Ensure that employees and contractors respect environmental responsibilities
  • Proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate change
  • Optimize the use of energy and resources through efficiency gains and recycling
  • Promote environmentally driven product and process innovations and new business opportunities
  • Are good neighbors in the many communities in which we operate


New Product Development

Inland Asphalt is proud to offer ECO-MIX asphalt products, developed with the environment in mind. The ECO-MIX production process uses new techniques and equipment to produce asphalt at significantly lower temperatures than in the past. Take a look at our brochure or contact us if you would like more information.

ECO-MIX brochure

Recycled Glass Used in Asphalt

Inland Asphalt recently participated in a grand opening parade and festivities to celebrate a street and neighborhood makeover in Hillyard, which is a community on the north side of Spokane, Washington. The reconstruction project was designed, in part, to revitalize this historic Spokane neighborhood.

Inland was the prime contractor on this project that included total street reconstruction, new utility work, and new sidewalks. This was the first city project using recycled glass that was crushed and incorporated in the base course material. The crushed glass made up 12 to 15 percent of the road bed. Inland also laid 19,000 tons of asphalt for the street reconstruction.

We are proud to have played a key role in bringing about these exciting improvements and to have utilized recycled materials in an effective way.